Foresight & Imagination is a boutique consultancy known for their creative visual communication, storytelling and clear thinking.

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The Principals

Claudio Iedwab

Claudio Iedwab creates the illustration, animation, and graphic design for Foresight & Imagination projects. In addition to his visual artistry, Claudio is also a highly regarded Martial Art master who founded his own school Gorindo "the Friendly Martial Art."

He has co-authored with Roxanne (and illustrated and translated into Spanish) several published books on mind & body health and Martial Art traditions, as well as online training programs and content for the popular website askSensei.com.

Roxanne Standefer

Roxanne Standefer takes on the duties of editor, art and creative director with Foresight & Imagination.

Roxanne is a published author, Gorindo martial artist, big band musician and former wilderness guide. She also works internationally as a consultant in boating and water safety.

The Network

Foresight & Imagination works together with talented artists, musicians, actors and recognized experts in their field.


Foresight & Imagination
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Roxanne Standefer